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AITX Sep ‘23: Events, Jobs, and News Deep in the Heart of Texas  🤖🚀

Howdy Folks,

AITX Team here. We’re excited to share our first AITX update. Folks at the Monthly Meetup have been asking how to engage with the community, so we’re putting this together to share upcoming events, opportunities, and news on AI in Austin.

If you’re new here, welcome! 👋 At AITX, we aim to:

  • Connect you with like-minded peers passionate about AI

  • Provide a space for sharing ideas and receiving feedback on AI projects you’re building

  • Share helpful tools and invaluable resources

This month’s newsletter contains 4 upcoming ATX AI Events, 5 open ATX-based AI job opportunities, and 8 updates on the ATX AI scene.

Read on for more, but to start, here are the top 3 ways you can plug in to the local AI Community this month:

  1. Sign up for our  Private AI Happy Hour on September 21st with the MLOps Global Community (use code aiatx721 for a free ticket)

  2. Sign up for the World Generative AI Summit and MLOps Summit (use code AITX25 for $25 off!)

  3. Host an AITX Community Event! This is a new initiative we are testing to help AITX members host smaller more focused events around specific topics within AI like prompt engineering, LangChain, vector databases vs fine-tuning, etc.


Great turnout at the August meetup!

Thank you to the nearly 100 folks who came out to our August AITX event! Last month’s turnout was significant enough that we’ve been upgraded to Capital Factory’s main event space on the 1st floor, Voltron, moving forward - woohoo!

We’ll be hosting demos again at the September meetup, if you’d like to present just respond to this email and share a summary of your project and how the group can help (your ask).

Last month we heard from:

  • Georges Colbert - Albatroz - Albatroz is revolutionizing property management with AI-powered solutions. Their platform efficiently triages leasing inquiries via phone and email, providing real-time updates on a dynamic dashboard. Streamline your leasing operations with Albatroz.ai.

    • How you can help: Introductions to people who manage real estate or apartment complexes.

  • Steven Puri - Sukha - The #1 online coworking community with beautiful music, pomodoro timers and helpful AI coaches on your laptop 24/7.

    • How you can help: Test out the platform - it’s FREE!

  • Aria Attar - PigeonsAI - PigeonsAI offers an easy AI infrastructure ecosystem. We offer a fully managed distributed vector database as well as fully managed high GPU instances for users to run ML models on in a few lines of code.

    • How you can help: If you’re looking to build an AI project, reach out to Aria.

Huge shout out to those who shared their projects. If you can help with any of the Asks, reply to this email!

ATX AI Events

Lots of exciting AI events and Conferences are coming to Austin soon, including the AITX<>MLOps<>Founders and Funders AI Happy Hour and the Global Generative AI Summit!

  • AITX<>MLOps Global Community<>Founders and Funders AI Happy Hour

    • When: Thursday, September 21st (6-9pm)

    • Where: Highbrow Lowbrow

    • What: Join us for the "AI Exclusive Happy Hour" in collaboration with Toronto Machine Learning on September 21st from 6-9pm at Highbrow Lowbrow (the coolest venue in town). Expect a gathering of 200+ founders, engineers, investors, and industry experts alongside a panel with top ML Engineers from right here in Austin. (Remember to use code aiatx721 !)

  • Applied Intelligence LIVE! Austin

    • When: Wednesday and Thursday, September 20th and 21st

    • Where: Palmer Events Center

    • What: Applied Intelligence Live! Austin merges IoT World Conference & Expo and The AI Summit to create a show that unites transformative technologies from across the digital landscape. The event will bring together leading speakers with engaged audiences, and solution providers with decision makers, for two days of premium content, meaningful connections, and important deals.

  • How to Leverage AI in your Creative Workflow

    • When: Tuesday, September 19 (6:30-8:30 pm)

    • Where: Capital Factory

    • What: How can artists benefit from recent developments in AI tools? Which, if any, are right for your creative practice? Join for a lively presentation and artist discussion on this topic with Zach Beasley, an artist, storyteller, and designer based in Austin.

  • The 4th Annual MLOps World Summit and World GenAI Summit

    • When: Tuesday through Thursday, October 24th - 26th

    • Where: Renaissance Hotel Austin

    • What: Expect great food, drink, and socials, with open transparent case studies /tutorials that will help us put more models into production, responsibly, ethically & and efficiently. This is a 2-FOR-1 ticket, meaning if you're attending MLOps, you'll have full access to Gen AI Summit, and vice-versa. The goal for MLOps World is to help companies put more models into production environments, effectively, responsibly, and efficiently. Whether you're working towards a live production environment, or currently working in production, this is geared towards you on your journey.


Incredible companies are hiring for AI roles right here in Austin! Check a few of our favorites below.

Thanks for reading! If you found this valuable, please share with your other AI-curious friends and colleagues. This is edition #1, so if you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve this, we’re all ears. Just reply to this email!

You can learn more about us and connect to the AITX Tech community at AITX.community. Mark your calendars, we hope to see you at our next meetup on September 26th.

Make it a great week!

AITX Team - Ayush, Chuk, Jake, Michael, and Hasini